UFOs identified after video viewed nearly half a million times – MONTREALINABOX

A video of two bizarre sets of lights spotted floating through the sky above Montreal has gone viral, racking up 434,000 views on Twitter.

The video, posted by the account @LatestUFOs, shows two sets of four lights flying in a triangle formation above the Canadian city, 12 minutes apart.

“What the f***, that is not a goddamn airplane – why the f*** is it so f****** close? What the actual f*** is that? What the f***?,” the person behind the camera can be heard saying as they watch the first set of lights.

“I’m shaking right now, I’m not even gonna lie, I’m f****** shaking. That s*** did not look like a f****** airplane, but that was really f***ing close to the ground and I am not near an airport.”

Twelve minutes later as the second set flies by, the person said: “That one sounded more like multiple planes, but the other one had a very deep humming, and there’s no base nearby—I don’t know what’s going on.”

UFOs, also known as UAPs (unidentified anomalous phenomena) are aerial objects that cannot be immediately explained. These strange phenomena have captured the imaginations of people around the world for hundreds of…

UFOs identified after video viewed nearly half a million times – MONTREALINABOX – Source


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