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Montréal has its urban wonders, funky architecture, old cobblestone streets, and lots of pretty neighborhoods to wander in, but what makes this city such a wonderful place to visit and live are the green spaces dotting nearly every neighborhood. 

Almost 5000 acres in Montréal belong to green space, and what better way to enjoy your snacks and wine (yes, you can actually drink in Montréal parks if you’re also eating), than sitting under a grove of trees with a fountain streaming in the distance?

Parks in Montréal are absolutely thriving in all seasons. In the spring, the gardens in the parks bloom. In the summer, they become a hotspot for picnics and activities. During fall, the vibrant colors of Canadian foliage emerge and the Instagrammers pop up by the dozen to capture it all. In the winter, Montréal parks become coated in snow for brisk and picturesque walks…and maple syrup taffy stands. 

Whether you want urban parkettes with lots of statues and surrounded by big old houses, or sprawling spaces with bike paths and picnic areas, Montréal will have a park for it. 

There are almost 5,000 acres of green space in Montréal to…

Find beauty in Montréal’s best city parks – MONTREALINABOX – Source


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