Incoming Vietnamese Restaurant Le Petit Boui Boui Promises ‘Full-On Flavour’ – MONTREALINABOX

Growing up, Ritchie Nguyen could detect the comforting aromas emanating from the beef-broth pho simmering on his mother’s stovetop before even walking through the front door after school. “I was like, ‘Okay, I know what mom’s making for dinner,’” he recalls. “It’s still the one meal I’d choose to have before I die.”

Now that the alum from top Montreal spots like Plateau gastropub Maison Publique and Old Montreal brunch destination Dandy is on the precipice of opening his own restaurant, he say his mother’s rendition of the fragrant Vietnamese soup — hers completed with slivers of rare beef added at the last second — will once more take center stage in the kitchen.

Nguyen is opening Le Petit Boui Boui on Bélanger Street, just west of Papineau, where he will be replicating the three-day pho-perfecting process he’d watched his mother labour over throughout his childhood. It begins with roasting bones, then letting them camp out in the refrigerator over night, before submerging them along with aromatics into boiling water to simmer, and then skim, on rotation, for hours. It all then gets refrigerated overnight, giving the flavours yet another chance to meld, before being brought to…

Incoming Vietnamese Restaurant Le Petit Boui Boui Promises ‘Full-On Flavour’ – MONTREALINABOX – Source


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