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What is it? A flavorful culinary jaunt through Israel, Egypt, Morocco and Turkey from Bestia’s Ori Menashe and Genevieve Gergis, complete with fire-roasted meats, handmade couscous, perhaps the best pita in all of L.A., and, like its Italian counterpart, fantastic desserts.

Why we love it: They redefined modern Italian food with Bestia, but at Bavel it’s even more personal. They’re drawing on their familial and cultural heritage, as well as their modern-kitchen savvy, to bring us some of the best hummus we’ve ever tasted, wholly unique treats such as spiced Persian ice cream, and must-order plates for the table, like the crunchy, spicy harissa prawns. 

Time Out tips: Wish you could always have Bavel on hand? Even though the restaurant is open for dine-in again, you can grab select items to-go à la carte, too (the farm cheese is a must).

The 32 best restaurants in Los Angeles you need to try – MONTREALINABOX – Source


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