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Living in Montreal:

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Guide to Living in Montreal

With a metropolitan area population of just over 4 million, Montreal is Canada’s second biggest city, after Toronto.

Montreal has been overtaken by Toronto as Canada’s commercial capital, but it is still an important hub for commerce, arts, culture and architecture.

Montreal’s province, Quebec, is culturally distinct from the rest of Canada because its sole official language is French.

In fact, Montreal is the second largest French speaking city in the world, after Paris.

Montreal’s climate varies wildly from season to season.

Quebec winters are known throughout Canada as being cold, wet and icy – similar to Ottawa’s, and harsher than Toronto’s.

Thankfully, the municipal snow clearing system is surprisingly fast and efficient for the city’s size.

Summers are warm by Canadian standards. The average daily temperature ranges between 23 – 27 degrees Celsius, but can reach lows of 13 and highs of 35 degrees.


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