Montreal-based sandwich restaurant feeds 200 people at the Old Brewery Mission – MONTREALINABOX

On Saturday, Feb. 27, Montreal-based sandwich restaurant, Centrale Bergham gave away 200 sandwiches to homeless people at the Old Brewery Mission — an act of kindness made a success with the help of social media influencers Jae Deen, Ali Al Hussain, and Redazere.

During the continuing global pandemic, many people throughout Montreal have fallen on hard times. This most recent collaboration and donation is a move to encourage more people to act collectively in such a great time of distress.

“To end chronic homelessness, we must think differently and act collectively. Therefore, our work with homeless men and women is based on a comprehensive plan focused on six key areas of action: Emergency and Welcome, Psychosocial Support, Urban Health, Housing Options, Support In The Community, and Knowledge Building & Sharing” –

Centrale Bergham has always been and continually strives to be an active member of its local communities. Founded almost 10 years ago in the Petit Maghreb, this fast-casual sandwich restaurant serving halal Sandwiches inspired by different cuisines of the world, now has over a dozen locations in Quebec and Ontario.

Proud to be a Montreal-based success story, this is the first of many giveaways Bergham will do to support those less fortunate…

Montreal-based sandwich restaurant feeds 200 people at the Old Brewery Mission – MONTREALINABOX – Source


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